So Long, Fair-well…

Well… I’m going to be honest; this class wasn’t my first choice and I wasn’t too interested in the majority of topics, but am glad that I’ll be walking away with some specific knowledge that will better my life and that of others. For me, the most important things I learned through this course was about being participants or produsers in this culture, the environmental impacts because of e-waste and lastly the amount of data centers in the world.

Schäfer and Bird were among my favorite reads and the perspectives on participatory culture and technological determinism. One of the important things for me was being re-educated on the fact that now because the internet and web are so widely available to any kind of person, we really need to be careful with what we take in as fact or just someone’s opinion. I know I have fallen into this trap before. A friend of mine who was reputable had posted this amazing speech by Billy Graham on Facebook. I quickly shared this with my friends to later find out Billy Graham did not say this but someone else. It was still a great speech none the less but I then had to clarify that he did not actually say this and felt silly for sharing false information. Bird also talked about being a “produser” in this culture, which this course has made me. Prior to COMM 2F00 my “produsage” stopped at Facebook status updates and I am definitely looking forward to going back to my role as a consumer rather than producer, but glad for this experience at the same time.

The other two aspects of this course that I found interesting were the environmental impacts of e-waste and the data centers. It’s awful what the North has done to the South in regards to illegal dumping of non-reusable electronics. After learning about this and the history of planned obsolescence my future purchases, reasons for use and disposal of such items will definitely be more thought out and on a need basis rather than a want basis. To end this last entry of my blog off, let’s talk about the giant ironic elephant in the room; participating in an online content producing course that teaches about the environmental impacts of data centers that house everything we have done, used and uploaded to our blogs. Things like this cracked me up throughout the course as we learned about the harmful effects of choices and behaviours in the online world, that we ourselves were then creating and adding to the problem.

I have looked forward to the completion of this class, and by no means am I trying to be disrespectful, where I can now delete this blog as it otherwise will just sit here in cyberspace taking up room it doesn’t need. How many others will do the same? Or will you leave it to sit idle like the 80 percent of energy used to house it does?


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